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The Andrew P. Plant Appreciation Page

Andrew is, as far as we know, the only* non-human member of CURS, the Cambridge University Role-Playing Society. Last year, Mr Plant stood for election on a platform of equal rights for all sapient beings, aiming for the post of Chief Caprine Entity. Despite considerable irregularities in the voting procedure (one of the returning officers is reported to have destroyed some of the ballot papers in favour of him so that he no longer had a majority), his opponent was elected to the post.

This year, Andrew expressed his disgust at the entire human race with a sharp open letter to the society, read out by the President at the last general meeting.

Being so disillusioned about the entire human way of life, Andrew did not stand for election again this year. A campaign poster was produced, though, so that you may despair at the lost opportunity to elect one of the greatest statescreatures of our time.

Mr Plant is currently thinking of retiring to Yuggoth.

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* Although we have our doubts about some.

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